Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekend Fun

The weekend flew by. Lately, I wonder where the time has gone. Has Matt really been home over four months already?!

We had a lot of fun hanging out with friends this weekend. Saturday, I found out late in the morning that we were scheduled to have people over for dinner that night. Matt forgot to tell me that it had been arranged. Anyway, Matt decided to grill and we attempted to throw something together at the last minute. It was a bit disorganized and I was a little embarrassed that I hadn't pulled more food options together and been a better host. But, the quick and easy fake-out cheesecake (courtesy Rachael Ray) dessert I choose to make came out well and everyone seemed to like it. Here's the link to it if you're interested:

Liv had fun playing with four-year-old, Arthur. At one point in the evening, Arthur was laying on the living room floor and Liv put a blanket on him and patted his back. She's such a little mom!

Every weekend, I tell myself that I'll have Matt watch the girls while I clean our room. It's been hard to clean it during the day lately because Olivia likes to help. You can't get too much done when your two-year-old is trying to help. So, when I brought Arthur's mom, Sarah, into our room to look at some photo's I've hung up (about the only thing I've done with our room), I told myself that Olivia is the perfect excuse for not having it cleaned. But, would it really have been that hard to have at least made the bed? Other mom's seem to have every inch of their house clutter-free, decorated beautifully and near-spotless. Note to self: Be like other moms - manage time more wisely, stop making excuses, clean and declutter more often.

Olivia got a tricycle on Sunday. She isn't coordinated enough to work the pedals. But, that didn't stop her from trying! She even wore her helmet inside because she was so excited about her bike. She and her friend, Ellie wore themselves out biking together. Ellie's father, BJ, was a great sport and helped police Olivia and Ellie as they rode and Matt again manned the grill.

This coming week is packed with events. Doctors appointments, FRG meeting, hair cuts, KinderMusik, swimming lessons, etc. I'm tired just thinking about it!

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