Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Notes

Well, Matt's been gone for several days now. I realized today that I'm not frazzled. Sure, I get frustrated. But, by five o'clock in the evening I'm not falling apart and ready to hand the kids over to him. Deployment mode has kicked in already and I'm okay. I miss Matt. Olivia misses him. However, all is going better than far.

So, the question I have for myself is this: Why can't I have the respect for the amount of hours he works (5am-7pm) and stay this collected when he's here? I have to work on that! If I can do it well without him now, I can do it well when he's home and working late!

It was a pretty laid back weekend. Denali ate a diaper. Olivia painted on the dog. Until tonight, I had a hard time getting Olivia in bed. Lila may be teething and has been up a lot at night. Each morning I tell myself that I will NOT go to bed so late. But, I do.

Lila will be six-months' old in a week. So, I pulled out the rice cereal tonight. Olivia tried to help - so I don't know how much she really got. About a tablespoon. She also sipped out of her sippy cup and really liked that. If she's anything like Olivia, she'll be eating banana and fruit in her safe feeder by the end of the week. She's ready!

We haven't heard from Matt since Friday. So, I don't have any updates on him. I expect we won't hear much from him until it's over. Which is fine. I don't want home to be a distraction anyway.

I'll try to post some pictures in the next couple of days.

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