Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Recap

I'm exhausted! What a busy weekend. Olivia had swimming lessons on Saturday. Saturday afternoon, we had another barbecue. Our lovely new neighbors pulled out their Little Tikes Bouncer and Olivia had a blast. Though, she did manage to sneak out when mommy and daddy weren't looking and try to run to the park near our house by herself.

The mosquitoes are out in high gear. The past couple of summers it's been pretty smokey and those not-so-little blood suckers were kept at bay. I don't want the smoke but I don't want the mosquitoes either - so if anyone knows of a non-sticky, non-smelly, easy-to-apply, paraben-free, made for sensitive skin mosquito repellent, let me know (is there such a thing?)!

Lila Helps Daddy Prepare for ROP

Though the above picture was a bit posed, Matt has been working out hard so he can be prepared for ROP. A three-week program in Ft. Benning, GA that he has to get through in order to go to Ranger Regiment. It's tough and though he's ranger qualified, he's never been part of regiment before. So, we wish him the best - but, will be happy he tried even if he doesn't get accepted! Hopefully, by June we will have a good idea where we're heading next. We have so many exciting things happening this summer! Several visitors, exploring more of Alaska and moving! The girls are growing so quickly and Matt and I are soaking up every second of it!

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Angie said...

When is Matt going to ROP?