Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lila Stands Up for First Time

Just as Lila, nearly nine-months-old, started sleeping 7:00pm-7:00am, she came down with a cold and appears to be cutting teeth. She's been sleeping a bit less (but smiling just as much). Therefore, because she's been feeling a bit crummy, it came as a surprise to me today when I saw her pull herself up on our gate. I captured her standing up on video just minutes after the first time she did it. You have to love modern technology! How great it is to be able to share these first moments with everyone right after they happen!


Angie said...

Yeah for Lila! I hope that she feels better soon.

Nola Danny Mara said...

Lila is getting so big, she is so cute too. I hope your PCS prep is going well. If I don't get a chance to email you prior to your move good luck and enjoy your beautiful new home.