Wednesday, August 8, 2007

And We're Off!

Well, the kids and have sore throats and sniffles. We haven't slept well in days (to the parents who have children sleeping in the same room, can I ask how you do it? When one wakes up, so does the other one and it takes us nearly an hour to get them back down), and we have an overnight flight tonight. Olivia and Lila both have had abbreviated naps today and we can only imagine how the flight will go.

Then, there's the dog. We had to switch airline carriers because the dog couldn't fly the carrier we were on due to the 90-degree tempuratures in Newark, NJ. Continental Airlines offers air conditioned vans to carry the dogs in to the plane. At at cost of $750 one way. The dog has, so far, cost us $950 to move with us to Portugal.

Oh, and our laptop. We believe the hard drive has went on it. Our desk top will not arrive in Portugal for up to three months. Therefore, this may be my last blog for quite some time. Had it not been for the high cost of moving our dog, we would have just went out and bought a new lap top.

This entry has to be brief because we have to check out of our room in 15-minutes.

So, I'll sign off now and apologize in advance for not being in contact with anyone for, possibly, several weeks. As soon as we have a new or fixed computer, I'll update everyone.

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