Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Going to Be a Grown Up Soon

I feel like I've been complaining about the woes of motherhood a little too much lately. Especially about the "terrific twos." However, Olivia is quite the sweetheart and brings great joy to Matt and I. Here are some of our recent favorites quotes:
  • "My baby's in time out."
  • "No, don't touch my baby, she's taking a nap! I mean it! Don't touch her!"
  • "I'm going to go to bed soon; but not right now. In a little while."
  • "Thank you, you're welcome."
  • "My baby has to go poop so please get out of the bathroom."
  • "Ellie (her baby, Ellie) took Dora's watch so hers in a time out."
  • "I never been here before."
  • "I been here yesterday."
  • "I have to go pee. Come get me out of bed. You don't want me to pee my pants do you?!"
  • "I'm nursing my baby. She was hungry."
  • "I don't knoooowww."
  • "I'm daddy's girl/Grandpa's girl."
  • "Grandpa has a big belly." or "That man over there has a big belly."
  • "Grandma and Grandpa are going to come see me soon!"
  • "Where's her mommy/daddy/brother/sister?"
  • "I want a brother someday, daddy."
  • "Lilaaaaaaa, no, no. Don't touch that, LILA! Go away! It's mine!"
  • "What'd you do that for? I don't want my baby in bed with me. I already put her to bed downstairs!"

And, just tonight before she went to bed, she surprised me when she said, "Yesterday, I told daddy I'm going to be a grown up soon."

If time continues to go by this quickly, she will be a grown-up soon.


Angie said...

All too soon, Olivia. All too soon.

Alaska Dunns said...

I love "kid speak". Such little philosophers. :)