Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Girl Bed Update

As I write this, I can hear Olivia talking to herself in her bed. She's talking to a baby doll in a sing-song voice. Hopefully, she's not turning on her night-light (it's a little brighter than a night-light and she and I have discussed that it cannot stay on while she is sleeping) and taking off her clothes. She likes to sleep in panties only and usually strips as soon as we close her door. However, it is getting a little chilly here and I keep hoping that the crisp night air will break her no-clothes stage.

So, I must admit, I was expecting a challenge. In fact, I dreaded putting her in a bed. I put it off because I didn't want to deal with it. I was being lazy and selfish. Is it a challenge. Of course. In her short life, this is a big event. She's a little confused. Testing the boundaries/rules we've set with her about the new bed, etc. However, so far, even though it's taken significantly longer for her to fall asleep at nap time and bed time, she has slept well once she has fallen asleep. This morning she didn't get up until 9:00am. Lila and I were up at 7:30 and enjoyed quiet time together. I changed Lila's diaper, made coffee, swept the floor, ate breakfast with Lila, checked my email and watched a little TV. All before Olivia awoke. Should I rub it in more (don't worry - I know it won't last and she'll soon be back to her normal self of rising much earlier - in the mean time, I'll enjoy these quiet mornings)?

I have a feeling we'll have some rough afternoon and long nights. But, I'm happy with the switch and not nearly as stressed as I thought I would be.


Angie said...

Ok, I'm going to HAVE to hate you for these late mornings just a little bit. 9 AM! Ashlyn has never heard of waiting that late to get up.

I also haven't seen anything that cute at IKEA. I may have to look again. Or we may just go with our plan to borrow. And, I've been thinking about the same canopy for Ashlyn's room as well.

Alaska Dunns said...

Yay! So glad Olivia is doing so well with the transition. It's always great when things like this go even better than anticipated.

Daniel and Mikey are in separate rooms right now, with Mikey in the "nursery". But I'm anticipating moving Mikey into Daniel's big room and Ezra into the nursery in the next couple months. I don't know how it's going to go and I'm fearing the worst. Nap times are going to be such a pain, especially since Daniel usually just has a quiet "rest time" in his room by himself.