Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lila, now 14-months, has been slow to show an interest in walking. Olivia walked at 10.5-months, therefore, Matt's worried about Lila. I, however, am not. She cruises very well, climbs steps, furniture, etc. On top of it, in the past couple of weeks, she's started to expand her vocabulary greatly. I think she's been focusing on other things. Matt begs to differ.

Matt's worries can now cease! Lila has begun to, finally, take her first steps and, of course, I have to share them with everyone!

Olivia (or, Iia, as Lila calls her) and I bribed her with food and an interesting looking "box." Of course, earlier in the day, when I didn't have my camera with me, she took 15 steps in a row. But, here's a tiny show of what's she's been accomplishing.


Tricia said...

Yeah Lila! Olivia better watch out. Lila will come chase her down soon enough.

brenda said...

Bennett walked at 9 months. Nora, well, she decided to walk at 1 year plus one week. I think Ella will never walk because she likes to be held! So cute!

The Dunns said...

Yay! First steps. How sweet. Congratulations!