Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Flu: Day Three

This is the strangest flu I've ever had. As long as I combine Motrin and Tylenol, I'm okay. Let the doses lapse, and I can't get off the couch, let alone change a diaper or feed the girls.

I decided to venture out today. I thought about calling a friend to pick a few things up at the health store for me. However, the girls haven't been outside for a walk since Saturday. We were all going stir crazy.

So, I threw Lila on my back and Liv in the stroller and dragged my sweaty, smelly self to the grocery store for some eggs, milk, etc. and stopped at the health store for immune booster serum for my kids and more echinachea tea for myself. I felt guilty walking through the store and signing a credit card bill with the store's pen knowing that I had a fever and body aches that meds were masking. I'm one of those people who strongly believe that if you have a fever (or anything you know is probably contagious) you need to keep you and your kids home. Ask someone to drop needed items off at your door step and pay them back later. I went against my own beliefs and will feel bad about it for a while. There were a couple of elderly women who stopped to kiss my kids hands. Yuck. What was I supposed to say?

On another note, my house is falling apart. Perfect. I need the fix-it guy here when I'm sweating out this flu, smell like a pig and look even worse. Oh, and my husband is out of town. Our security/privacy screens in three rooms broke off from the top. Meaning, they are stuck in security mode and I can't open them up. Then, the knob to my dishwasher broke. However, I shouldn't "sweat" it. Our landlord lives in Porto and the guy he contracts out, while nice, is very slow. Very typical of many contractors here. "Si, I'll be there tomorrow. Nao faz mal (not a problem)." Two weeks later, he'll show up at the door like the conversation was yesterday and you have no reason to be upset.

It's been raining, on and off, for days. So, I guess I picked a good time to be sick. Though, my kids are missing out on their beloved outings to the park. We passed a "new" park the other day with a really nice looking cafe right next door. We hope to visit sometime this week, if I can get over this flu!

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Katie said...

I feel your pain! How awful...and your husband out of town...TYPICAL!

I agree with you on the "if you're sick please stay HOME" thing. Yesterday I was at the library and in walks my neighbor and her three kids. She had just been on the phone with me the night before telling me how they all had the stomach flu and were barfing. Grrrrreat. I ran out of that library so fast!

I hope you get better soon!!!