Sunday, March 9, 2008

Potty Time and Princess Dresses

Update: I'm not making this up - Lila had a BM in the above toilet today! We are so excited! We still don't want to push her too much because she is much more sensitive than Olivia is (or was at that age), however, I'm going to start letting her run around more often in training pants. I think it'll be another year before she'll actually be fully trained. However, we're off to an early start, that's for sure!

Well, I'm not sure how serious Matt and I are going to get about this right now, but Lila is on the road to potty training. She used Olivia's "little potty" once yesterday and once today to pee. We all did a dance and congratulated her after. She just turned 16-months. So, there is no rush and she's absolutely not ready. Obviously, we won't push her. However, she loves to watch Olivia use the potty and, since she began to show an interest in using it herself, we decided to let her try it out. We put on big girl panties (Bummis Cloth Pull-ups) and BabyLegs for easy access, and she spent the morning getting on and off the potty. It was fun even when her clothes were on! Way to go Lila!
In other news, Olivia has decided that it is indeed fun to be a princess! She is seen here doubled-up in princess outfits. While dressing up used to be a rare treat, she's been doing it more and more often lately. Even her babies have turned into princesses! Now, if we could just get her to act a little bit more like a princess, life would be even more grand!

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