Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does She Think Mommy Has Magic Powers? (and Midweek Banter)

Does every stay-at-home parent feel generally annoyed most of the time? I don't know about you all, but I do lately.

Olivia and Lila eat all day. I can't find the perfect snack or meal that will fill them up. I make gorp on a regular basis. They like that and snack on it throughout the day; but I guess it's not filling enough (My version is: Cheerios, craisins, and chopped walnuts). Lately, however, Olivia must think I have magic powers. If she doesn't want gorp and wants something we're out of, she just can't understand why I can't make it magically appear. Even if I show her an empty box. She just doesn't get it. The tantrums that ensue are over-the-top annoying.

Then, there's the dog poop. Our dog is on a restricted diet. He has thyroid disease and I guess it's quite bad because we've recently had to up the dose of his medication and put him on a low-cal diet (hypothyroidism=fat dog). As in prescription dog food (read: should just let the dog die because it's so outrageously expensive). How he can poop five pounds a day on such little food is beyond me. Why isn't he losing weight? I don't get it. But, I'm more annoyed because Olivia stepped in poop no less than two times yesterday. I couldn't pick the crap up fast enough. As I was going to get a bag to pick it up, I told her to stay put on the porch. Yeah, right! Getting to her play house on the lawn was more important than listening to my instructions. Up goes my level of annoyance.

Then there's the messes. I just can't pick up fast enough. Really, if I was adamant about having a spotless house, I would clean from the second I woke up until the second I went to bed. There would be no showering, reading books (to myself or the kids), planning day trips (or any trip for that matter) or blogging or talking on the phone even. If you're a spotless house kind of family, how the heck do you do it with toddlers???? What's your secret?

I can't forget the utterly stupid stuff that annoys me. Like Olivia needing new water before nap and bed. And also needing to wear pj's during nap. Why the heck can't she JUST GO TO BED! Oh, I forgot about the the fly. She cannot sleep with a fly in her room. Apparently, it's a bee.

When I'm driving in the car, why does she have a crisis as soon as I pull out onto the marginal (you'll get killed pulling your car over-can't happen)? Why? Tell me? How many times do I have to gently explain to her that I am driving, and can't help her put her flip flop back on; only to have her cry so hard about it that she nearly throws up. Who can contain themselves at that point?? Who? Sometimes I roll down the window and scream into the wind. Yup, I think I'm going crazy. I guess I'm more than annoyed.

At any rate, here are some pictures of what's happened up until today. The cute, non-annoying stuff that makes it all worth it.

Denali -Protecting the House

Lila tries to wash Olivia's hair


The Dunns said...

Great pictures! Hopefully, those make it all worth while.

I, too, really struggle with expecting my boys to behave far above their actual age-based abilities. Why can't I just relax and understand how young they are? Steve is much more understanding - or maybe it is that he sees me constantly ranting so it's easier for him to have a patient perspective. And he's gone all day so he has more "distance". I often get tired of my 24/7 job and fantasize about going back to work. But I don't think that would really change anything. If anything, it would just add more stress. Gotta keep telling myself "they won't be this young forever..."

Jae Rin said...

Hahaha! I think any mommy of a toddler/preschooler can relate. I can't tell you how many times that I have tried to explain things rationally to DS only to have him "talk back" to me. There's a downside to a child being articulate. It will only get worse as he gets older. I have to say that I never had a pet dog or cat growing up so I can't relate to taking care of a sick dog, but I'm sure it's like having another child to take care of!

Angie said...

I guess we've kind of been on the same page this week.