Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why the Change?

If you look over the blog, you'll notice several changes. Why?

Well, my DH gently brought it to my attention that most readers go to our Buzz blog to get the latest family news. Travel news, pictures, trials and tribulations of life with toddlers, what we're eating (Green Curry with Shrimp is our new favorite dish-see side bar link), what we're reading, and so on. Many do not, generally speaking, care to get "lectures" on what bags I recommend they use at the store or what the latest in breastfeeding research happens to be. Many of our readers are grandparents and relatives who have long since passed the breastfeeding years. And, many of our readers, long ago, made the switch to reusable bags and reusable water bottles. In fact, many may wonder what took us so long to get on board in the first place!

DH also informed me that, often, my tone is preachy and condescending and a family news blog is not the place for some of what I've been posting about. DH, as usual, is right.

Therefore, I've deleted a lot of links from this blog and placed them on my sister blog. If you're interested in topics such as: breastfeeding, natural birth, eco-friendly living, cool infant and toddler finds, cool-mom blog links, my favorite online shopping sites, and don't mind and/or don't think you'll be offended by my thoughts on certain topics I post about, then pop on over to that blog from time to time. Share your thoughts, your favorite links, interesting research you've come across, and your cool finds. You can find the link to the blog in the left sidebar. I've updated the link so that readers on this site can see when it's been updated last.

DH has given me a lot to think about. Even over at my sister blog, I'll do my best to write in a more appropriate tone. One that doesn't come off quite so "lecturing and preachy," as DH likes to say. Certain topics do get me fired up! So, while I'll do my best, sometimes, I imagine, I'll spout off. You'll either laugh, gasp in horror or find you wholeheartedly agree and applaud...but, you'll no longer have to read (or scroll past) about any of it on this blog. Welcome news for those of you simply here for family updates!


Angie said...

You are too funny!

Natalie said...

Matt's too funny! He couldn't take it anymore. If he read one more post on breastfeeding or birth, he was going to delete the whole blog (or something). But, he's mostly right. My family blog isn't the right forum for that kind of stuff! :)

Natalie said...

Oh, and Matt would also appreciate it if I would stop proclaiming how much we love it here. But, that's not going to happen. We'll leave here and it's likely we'll be in Kansas next or Matt will be on a MIT team or ACRC before school (Kansas). Possibly, he'll be deployed (with MIT or ACRC) and I'll be back to complaining again. So, all good things will come to an end, my dear readers! We will not live in this glorious location forever and I'll be back to my old self before you know it!

The Dunns said...

Personally, I always enjoyed your opinion pieces. Whether I agreed or not (and I mostly agreed), I always respected your ability to express what you felt passionately about. I'll just check the Sprouts page for that and enjoy your family stuff here.

The Dunns said...

Oh, and how did you do that great collage on your blog headder? I'm still a blog newby and I'd love to put something more creative together than just a single shot.