Friday, May 23, 2008

Murphy's Law and TV

Finger paint is so yummy!

Murphy's Law has struck!

My friends have made it back from their side trip to Porto, Portugal. Only they both got sick a day into their trip up there. One with a cold and one with a mild stomach bug that won't go away. On top of it, my kids came down with pink-eye. Fortunately, here, I don't have to call the doctor to pick up certain prescriptions. I can just go to the pharmacy and pick it up and get reimbursed later when I go back with an Rx from the doctor. I didn't really want to treat the pink-eye because I'm told it goes away on it's own in a week. However, it is contagious (Liv gave it to Lila) and it's not really fair to let your kids run around with pink-eye at swimming lessons or when guests are visiting you. I guess I didn't ask for the "good stuff" at the pharmacy and got the kind of medicine that takes a bit longer to it clear up than the "good stuff." So, both kids have eyes that are still a bit puffy and I'm wondering if I should skip out on swimming lessons tonight. Our friends are now at a hotel - so, we're not exposing them. Like they need to contract anything else!

So, what have the kids and I been up to the past couple of days (Matt's in Norway on and off over the next week - or two - I can't remember)? We've been finger painting, coloring, playing with play dough, reading and listening to lots of music. I've been making an effort to keep the TV off, for the most part.

Notice Olivia's "pink" eyes.

I believe I mentioned, a while back, that Olivia stopped watching most cartoons and kids shows and became obsessed with home videos. Well, not much has changed. However, we were keeping the videos on all day. I'd allow them to be played over and over again. Since I bought an audio system for my Ipod, I've been keeping it docked and we play music most of the day. It's easier then going through CDs and putting them in. It's been so nice! The kids are so much more creative with the TV off. On top of it, I've been reading a lot of articles about TV (stuff I knew already - but, it was good to reread the evidence that we all know - TV isn't really good for kids. In all forms. Most experts suggest no TV or extremely time and content-restricted viewing).

Recently, a friend inspired me to keep the TV off all the time. I'm not sure if I should include home videos in that or not (ideas anyone?). I know I should put a time limit even on home video viewing. Maybe I'll work toward only viewing the TV on the weekends (not restricted to just home videos) for one hour each day. Or, every morning for 15-20 minutes while I get breakfast ready and let Olivia get through the morning grumpies. Then, again for five-10 minutes while I put Lila down for her nap (Liv gets put down after Lila). That would equal no more than a half hour of viewing a day. Suggestions, ideas anyone?

Speaking of naps, and being that sleep is my nemisis, I should join the girls in the last 20-minutes or so of nap time. A cat-nap does me wonders!


The Dunns said...

Hey! Pink eye can be either viral or bacterial. Both are very contagious. Viral is "usually" clear discharge (often goopier in the a.m.), shiny/glassy eye, often assoc. with a cold, does not respond to meds/antibiotics - goes away on it's own. Bacterial is "usually" thicker, goopier, responds to treatment, and usually no assoc. cold or illness. Good luck! Wash your hands lots.

The painting looks like fun. I have a natural aversion to messy fun but I'm trying to loosen up. :)

Angie said...

That top picture looks like a mini-Natalie to me.

We limit tv to an hour a day, sometimes less, a bit more if she watches a whole movie. I wanted to completely have no television before Ashlyn was two, but with Allen gone, I put her in front of his video every day during one meal or another. Plus, I was lonely, so I would put on the tv just for company. I stopped when I realized that she was starting to watch it. While I know that it is better for kids to DO stuff then watch tv, they can learn from tv, too. I'm not for the all day long television, though.

Natalie said...

Yeah, deployments and/or spouse away (going it alone) add a whole different thing into the mix. Also, sickness. When I'm sick, I really don't care if the TV is on all day.

The Smith's said...

Our TV is in the basement and I never put it on. I am a freak. I thought that I would miss it but I haven't watched a show in months. When I do it is because my dad is and we are talking after W has gone to bed. Anyway, I have amazed myself at how easily I've adapted to life with out tv. I am on the internet more but it is just to catch up on everyone, including the news. No suggestions as far a time limits. Everything is always better in moderation, but you already know that.

As far as music goes we have it on all the time!! Well, we have it on a lot. I have been addicted to It plays everything (whatever my mood)and it's free!!

Brenda said...

I love the pictures. They look like Nora on any given day. Nora had a baby today. He has been in her stomache for about one year and he decided to make his way into the world. His name is Dillet and mother and child are doing fine.

The Matthaidess' said...

My sister used to get pink eye a lot of the time when we were younger. For some reason, I never got it. Maybe I'm just immune to it (hopefully).

I love all of your pics from Germany and Portugal! It looks like you guys love it there!

Take care...