Friday, July 25, 2008

Lurking in Chicago

I've had a lurker in Chicago for quite some time. To our knowledge, Matt and I have no friends or relatives living in the Chicago area.

Would our lurker like to de-lurk?

Not that I mind lurking. But, our curiosity is just getting the best of us!


Kristin & Jeff said...

Hope you find out who the mystery guest is. :) Funny story, so Im checking out in Fred Myers and this lady in front of me is like this is going to sound super odd, but I know you from somewhere - you have a blog right?? It was the mom from Smitty 1,2,3. She asked me if I knew Angie or you. I said I knew you thru being up here. She is up here visiting a friend. Her name I can't remember - but she went to FAME and just had a baby. Anyways...small world (of bloggers!), huh?!

Anonymous said...

It may be me. I found your blog a month or more ago -most likely by following links on the sides of blogs :) I commented on one occasion about the storynory website. I really don't mean to be nosy - seems like I just click through websites - we don't have cable - so it is almost like channel surfing. :) Sometimes I mindlessly click through sites while talking on the phone with my friend. If you'd like more info I can send you a separate comment with my school website - I'd just ask that you don't post it. I was a teacher, then a mom, and then a homeschool mom, and now a head of school of a Montessori school. My kiddos are 16 months apart and I can relate to some of your little one's stories. I can say it gets easier as my girls are now 8 and 10. Anyway - I am usually clicking through sites that deal with homeschooling, montessori, or crafting as these are some of my interests.

Oh -wait I think I remember finding you through a comment on a site -you couldn't find an ingredient for something . . . and I wondered "Where do they live?" - apparently then I was hooked :) Wow- how I remember that at close to midnight I do not know!

Sorry about the "lurking"! Hope this solves your mystery . . . I am not in Chicago though - a suburb - but like I said probably me. My friend and I were laughing at how we are always clicking through blogs like they are going to change three times a day. I am lucky to update mine own every week! It's an awful habit that I plan to cut back on as I do have thousands of other things to do.


Natalie said...

Actually, I believe I have two lurkers from the Chicago area. One that recently started hitting my site (I believe it's you, anonymous) and another, who's IP address is from The Chicago Tribune. I should have been more "lurker" specific.

However, I don't mind when people read my blog that I don't know. If I minded, I would make my blog private. I grew up in Vermont and many (most?) people have no idea what military life is all about. In fact, during the time I was in high school, it was something that was laughable and frowned down upon (read: the unpopular choice) and I doubt many students knew that it was possible to join the Army as a commissioned officer, after college...

There's a whole side of life that so many families are living and it's one reason I make my blog public - So, anyone who happens to stumble upon my blog can read about life of a modern-day military spouse. So, keep reading!

Tracy said...

Hi Natalie, this is Tracy Capozzoli (The Capozzoli Clan), off of Angie's blog. I wanted to tell you I think it is great that you called out your lurker on your blog. I have two lurkers in Texas. I, like you, have friends in the state but not in their area. So, I took a cue from you and called them out on my blog. I am excited to see how they respond. Maybe I will get lucky and get a response from them like you did from anonymous. We'll see. I did want to ask you what you are using to track your visitors. Could you email me with what you use to track your visitors? My email address is Thanks so much.

Oh, and I love your blog....that is why I, too, lurk. I would comment, but I don't really know you...only thru the blog...I do read others on Angie's blog (Katie's, Cherie's, her sister in laws, etc). And for your records, we are in the Army at Bragg....I don't know what we come in but that is our location so you can track me. Thanks,


Tricia said...

Hey Nat, it's probably me. No I haven't moved to Chicago, but The Virginia Gazette is owned by Tribune, therefore surfing at work, probably shows as The Chicago Tribune. Just a thought. Yes I stalk your site usually once a day!

See you in less than 2 weeks. I can't wait to see the girls. Olivia was just a few months old last time I saw you back at Stacy's college graduation!