Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Old Red Barn to Give Away a Quilt

My friend, Angie, left a post today about a quilt giveaway. As soon as I clicked on the link she posted, and entered Old Red Barn's blog, I couldn't help but decide that I wanted this quilt too! I hate to compete against Angie, because I know she loves and makes beautiful quilts. She's the one who found Old Red Barn's blog, after all.

However, this quilt is so wonderful, I can't pass up the chance to enter into the giveaway! So, click here (the giveaway was posted on July 15th) if you'd like to enter to win. I can't imagine a person not wanting this quilt. However, if you enter, win and don't want it, feel free to send it my way! I have some Portuguese pottery I can trade you for it...

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