Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Staying Busy

It's been a bit. So, here's a run down:
  • I made another batch of bagels, this time from The Joy of Cooking and they came out even better (I did use a lot less flour than the recipe called for and did an egg white wash - but yum!).
  • We went to a social gathering over the weekend. There was face painting and Olivia decided to be a princess. This was the artist's idea of a princess.
  • Lots of B-Q's and social events this week and month. We are staying really busy!!
  • Every day this week, Lila has swimming lessons in the morning. She does NOT like them. She screamed through the first two days. The instructor is awesome and proves that the instructors we had in Alaska were amateur, at best. The screaming is totally my fault. I knew, early on, Lila would need a lot of exposure to the water, at a very young age, in order to be naturally comfortable in it. Aside from a couple of months of lessons in Alaska, she has spent little time in the water. Thus, the screaming. Had I kept her in lessons, as I did Olivia, I am quite certain we would not be going through this (I used to do a little bit of instructing and/or life guarding during instructions - so I know this to be quite true. You don't expose them to the water on a regular basis, some children will develop water-anxiety). I'm a bit disappointed that these lessons don't last for two-weeks, every day. I think that Lila would be having a blast by the middle of next week. I'll have to take her to the pool myself and work with her. We'll get there!
  • Lila's hip is still sore. When she's running around for long periods, I notice a slight limp. She also has a very low-grade fever. I'm told this is common. However, we are reaching the 10-day mark -meaning the fluid on her hip and fever should be just about gone. Maybe the cold that she came down with has something to do with it not getting better. When she's not limping, she walks with her left foot turned in. She's got to be uncomfortable. I'll call the doctor at the end of the week and schedule an appointment for next Monday. I've been told this hip virus can sometimes take longer than 10-days to heal. So, I don't want to keep rushing to the doctors if all it needs is more time! Admittedly, I am getting concerned that it's something more serious. I'll keep you all posted.
  • There's a good chance we'll move in the Fall to a bigger house. We've realized that we just need storage (read: a basement or attic of some sort). We cannot live much longer with boxes in our dining room. So, we have our eye on a house a couple of miles down the road. An American family will be leaving it in late September and it should be ready in October. I've seen it and it's so nice. It would probably be the nicest house we would ever live in during DH's time in the military (minus the Portuguese heating system, a minor parking issue and a few other quirks). We would not have to pay over our housing allowance either. I don't want to pack up our stuff and move and I do LOVE our location, however, this house is just too small. It would have been perfect for Matt and I. But, with the two girls, it's a bit much. And, when we have guests, we'll have so much more room in the other house for them. I am not getting my hopes up, however, because, well, it's military life. Need I say more?

Okay, that's it for now. Nothing else to report.


Kristin & Jeff said...

Hope that Lila gets better soon. Been thinking about you guys. I am so addicted to this Blog thing! I love reading updates! I hope you get the house - and you never now the Military could surprise you and actually go in your way once and a while! Jeff leaves for NTC tomorrow - then the dreaded deployment in Sept. In between there we are going to Vegas & Valdez!! :)

Grammy Arsenault said...

What a pretty princess. Sounds like you are having fun with all the little summer gatherings. Can't wait to have you all here for some summer fun and days with the girls...Love Mom