Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faces of a Flower Girl

"I'm very pretty, but it hurts." - Olivia on being dressed up and ready to be a flower girl.

Overall, Olivia preformed well as a flower girl in my friend, Amie's, wedding last Saturday. She ended up walking down the aisle with the Matron of Honor. She sat well, with the wedding party, until she had to excuse herself to use the ladies room (read: started acting up). She partied at the reception until after dinner, when her Aunt Sarah picked her up in order to get some long overdue zzz's.

DH and I must thank Aunt Sarah, Uncle David, grams and gramps for taking the girls overnight so DH and I could enjoy the after-reception party and sleep in the next morning!

Note: I'm not familiar with the photo editing program on this computer and, therefore, could not edit out the bug bite on her face. A few other photos are missing due to an editing issue. I'll try to post them onto Flickr when we return home.


The Dunns said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! What great hair and flowers and dress. Such a pretty little (big!) girl!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new picture you have at the top of your journal. The look on Lila's face is adorable. Liv looks precious. I can't believe that terribly grown up child is the little wee baby I first met up at Sara Ramey's house! They grow so fast.

Angie said...

She looks very grown up. I'm glad to hear that she did so well. You never know with little flower girls.

Katie said...

I love the flowers in the hair! She is beautiful!