Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We survived! The girls did a great job keeping it together, despite the flight taking off at bedtime. During the seven hour flight, only one hour was filled with tears, screams and moments of frustration. Eventually, we all fell asleep for a few hours and a woman we knew helped me get the girls and our belongings off the plane quickly.

There were a few people constantly blowing their noses and sniffling in front of us and behind us. A women behind us threw up. DH greeted me with a kiss and later informed me that he thinks he's coming down with something. So, I'm anticipating end-of-summer illnesses in the near future.

Boy, we're tired! I'm stuffing the girls' face with whatever junk food DH had hanging around. I'm way too tired to cook and I just want them to be quiet and stay awake until nap time! One hour to go! I'm so tired, that I don't even care that they are coloring with markers on the couch at the moment (on paper, of course, and it's slip covered in case they color outside of the "lines").


Jay and Amie Davis said...

Glad you made it home!

jae rin said...

I'm glad you guys survived. It couldn't have been easy. By the way, did I tell you that DS has drawn on the couch? With ball point pen, crayon, and ink. No slip covers.Huge amounts. So much for our "nice" couch!