Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It'll All Work Out.

By 2:00pm yesterday afternoon, Olivia had slept a total of about eight hours in a 32-hour period. By 8:00 last night, I'm not sure how she was even standing. As you probably know, my kids love sleep. Their jet-lag got the best of them, despite my efforts to protect sleep and get them adjusted to the five hour time difference. My husband, right as always, told me over and over that it would all work itself out and the girls would be fine. I'm such a freak when it comes to protecting sleep-even on vacation. When my kids become sleep deprived, I have nightmares of their immune systems getting attacked and I start to envision fevers and viruses of all sorts.

Olivia had a fierce breakdown from exhaustion last night. She was flailing her arms, stomping her feet, screaming, speaking in jibberish and waving her head from side to side. She was mad with exhaustion. I got her calmed down by holding her for quite some time. As soon as I stood up with her and mentioned "going to bed," it started all over again. DH handled this exceptionally well. In fact, I was so scared by this behavior, I had to step aside and let DH work his magic. He has a way of soothing her with his voice and words like no other father I've seen. Though, it took more than words and a soft voice last night, admittingly (time and a heck of a lot of patience was also required).

However, day three of our vacation is coming to a close. We've spent time in NY with Matt's extended family and old friends. The kids finally slept through the night and awoke, this morning, after 4:30am. In fact, they slept until 6:30 this morning and took extra-long naps this afternoon (three hours). Later, they went to bed for grandma exceptionally well, while Matt and I dined with a friend (former college roommate) of Matt's.

The girls had grandma and grandpa McQuilton wrapped around their fingers the second we arrived.

I have taken some pictures. I don't know how to upload them onto the computer here. When I figure it out, I'll to to post some pictures here and there throughout our time here.

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Katie said...

We may be twins. I am the same way about sleep. The minute she skips a nap I envision trips to the ER for awful fevers. Nothing stresses me out like my kid not getting enough sleep!! I'm glad it is all working out!