Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Festas do Mar

On Sunday, Matt and I took the train down into Cascais (10-min train ride) to enjoy the last day of Festas do Mar. I was finally able to try a dish of the mini-snails (the name of the dish escapes me) that I often see the locals eating. I think these would have been especially yummy had I washed them down with a Super Bock (beer). My glass of water didn't really wash down the slightly bitter taste they had. However, they were, actually, quite tasty. The broth they were cooked in made the dish. I liked them, however, I don't think I'll be spending money on that dish again. After eating half of the plate, I opted to make a switch to something chocolate!

We met up with some friends and walked around the festival. Mostly make-shift restaurants set up on a strip next to the small boat harbor. They sold fresh grilled fish, cheap beer, sausage sandwiches and more.

Scouts of Portugal Beer Booth

Matt thought it very amusing when we passed a booth run by the Scouts of Portugal (same as Boyscouts of America except that Scouts in all, but America and a few other countries - Iraq, for instance - are co-ed) and realized that the teenagers working the booth were selling beer. He then noted, with further amusement, that one of the girls was wearing her scout scarf with only a tanktop, in which her breasts were just a tad bit exposed. Matt, an Eagle Scout, just couldn't get over how lax the Scout rules are here.

We finished up the evening by walking half way home, by the sea, with our friends, bellies full of great food and a few good laughs.


Angie said...

I'm so amazed at the differences in where/how/who can sell alcohol here. Christopher was born at the women and children's hospital, where beer was sold in the vending machine. That is actually the only place that I've seen beer in a vending machine.

I'm kind of surprised that boy scouts don't have girls in the US, but I think that would really change the organization. Girl scouts don't allow boys, either.

Sounds like fun. We need to do more without our children.

Natalie said...

The Boy Scouts of America is run/funded,etc. by the Mormans (many people don't know this), therefore, co-ed will never be allowed. Which, is probably a good thing for America -especially since we make such big deals about everything we possibly can. Can you imagine the "scandals" we'd read about in the press!

Natalie said...

Oh yeah, beer is sold in every food courtyard and every McDonalds here. I'm pretty sure I've seen it in vending machines too.

Natalie said...

I have to edit my last comment. The Mormons largly fund Boy Scouts of America. They do not run it or fund it entirely.