Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lila Kate Gets a Trim

Lila got her first haircut over the weekend. David, our family stylist, came over Saturday morning. While my highlights were setting, he wet to work on Lila.  I want to grow out her bangs. So, he just trimmed her hair up a bit and fixed the haircut Olivia had given her several weeks ago (so, I guess this was her second haircut!).

She was a little fightened when he sprayed her hair down with water. Otherwise, she tolorated the procedure well.


Jay and Amie said...

Oh how cute!!! You have to post an "after" pic :)

We got our pro pics this past weekend from the wedding. There are quite a few cute ones of both girls. I will post/email them to you soon!

Kristin & Jeff said...

so cute. can't wait to see the final product. how'd you change the backround of your blog?