Friday, October 10, 2008

Applauding the Jolie-Pitts

The AP published an article about the upcoming W magazine issue. I appreciated the fact that the author was unbias and thought I'd take an opportunity to post about it. I usually post about breastfeeding topics, unrelated to me personally, on my other site. However, I felt this was worthy here today.

I have to join in with La Leche League in applauding the Jolie-Pitts in their choice to publicly speak about breastfeeding and even show off pictures:

Breast-feeding in public reveals a whole lot less than what has been revealed on the red carpet. ... I think we do need more role models like Angelina Jolie willing to be photographed and say, `Hey look, it can be done, it oughta be done,'" said La Leche spokeswoman Jane Crouse.

The Jolie-Pitts have gone about promoting breastfeeding, I think, in a very subtle and tasteful way. They've casually mentioned it during past interviews. And, this month, as you probably know already, Angelina will be posing, breastfeeding, on the cover of W magazine.

Here's what I think is great:

  • Celebrities are very busy, rich people. It would be easy for them to purchase milk at a milk bank or just use formula. Often, their schedules are demanding and their work environments and travel commitments are not always what many would consider, "baby-friendly." The fact that Angie is breastfeeding shows that she is taking time out to be close to her infants and provide them the best infant nutrition available. We all know that celebrities are not always the most self-sacrificing people out there. I have to be impressed by her commitment.
  • It's one thing to advocate breastfeeding in general. She's advocating nursing twins! As mothers of multiples know - this can be challenging and she's proving that it can be done!
  • The Jolie-Pitts have made the decision to promote breastfeeding in public (It is my opinion that breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine, for all the world to see, is considered breastfeeding in public). Many Americans have hang-ups about breastfeeding in public and, for the most part, America loves the Jolie-Pitts. They are helping make breastfeeding in public more normal to Americans. Especially when they prove that it can be done in a tasteful, fairly discreet manner.

The Jolie-Pitts are sure to, once again, stir up controversy on the subject and it'll be interesting to see all the reactions!

I would love to see her speak about any challenges and help she recieved in the beginning and I would love to see her do more with promoting and getting the benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mom out there - there are so many ways she and her partner could do this. However, so many Americans are influenced by celebrities, that even what they are doing now is, most likely, reaching more than we know.

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Kristin & Jeff said...

I do think it is a great thing. Breast feeding in public is a wonderful thing to see. I do think it will stir up some negative comments;however, not as many as the comments that came up from that one magazine - I think Parenting which showed more breast and maybe the baby actually attached. I can't quite remember the picture, but remember it was a big deal and taken off the stands. In this picture Angie is a bit more covered up. I think its fabulous she is promoting this!