Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Pictures and Video

Nap-deprived Lila Kate snuggles up to mama in the Ergo.

This weekend, we attended a Fall festival at NATO. It was during nap time, as all the events are, of course. However, the girls handled it really well and had a good time with all their friends.
Liv sits nicely as she gets painted up as a butterfly
Liv and Katie share a friendly hug

I'll leave you with a video taken over the weekend of the girls reading and singing together.


grams said...

I love it...My babies are growing up so fast...Singing together, a special treat for us here in VT.
I love you guys...Hugs and kisses to all. You can call grams up anytime and sing to her over the
phone too...

Jay and Amie said...

So happy to get an update with new pics and just LOVE the video! The girls are just so cute together!!

The Dunns said...

Cute! Olivia's hair is a great length. What adorable blond waves!

The Smith's said...

Too cute!!

Katie said...

They are SO cute! Great photo of you too!

So, I just got my ergo this week and I cannot figure out the infant insert. Did you use it when your babies were little?

brenda said...

Why are you moving early...:(

Natalie said...


I'm going to have to take that line down off my blog header. We're supposed to move to Kansas in July for ILE. But, Matt warned me, the other day, not to mention it to anyone until we get orders. He got an email, several months ago, from Branch telling him they were tracking him going to ILE summer of 09. But, you know how the Army is and we've heard nothing since...But, yeah, 90% chance we're moving this summer.