Friday, January 16, 2009

Now I Can Have My Life Back

It's over. Finally. Bittersweet. I have not enjoyed a series of books since I was a very young teenager and became caught up in the "Anne of Green Gables" series.

This series became an obsession. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it. But, there it is. Out there for you all to know. I could not get my face out of the books. I didn't even like the last one very much. I felt that the author was in a different mood/mindset when she wrote the final book. It became too sci-fi/fantasy for me. Yet, I read it with an obsessive fury anyway. Drawn in entirely. The rest of my life went by in a blur. I hung out in the "real world" just long enough to change a diaper, make a thoughtless meal, shower, run a quick errand; my mind always on whichever book I was on. Can we say FREAK?

Yes, we can. I am a freak! I had a million and one things to do today and what did I do? I read the 264-page partial draft of "Midnight Sun," posted on the author's website. "Midnight Sun" is the companion novel to "Twilight" and the partial draft is so good. It is Edward's perspective of "Twilight" and I want more! He is a fascinating character. When his "skin" tingles, so does mine.

I could wring the neck of the heartless, evil person who illegally published it online so that the author abandoned the rest of the book and published what she had online. Evil person! Did you even think that you would ruin it for all of us, including yourself!

Stephanie Meyer, please, take a pause, get over your anger and finish what you started! We need more Edward! Your suspense will torture your loyal fans! It will take me days to get him out of my head. "Midnight Sun" could be better than "Twilight." Don't you know this?

The final chapter of my "Twilight" series obsession: Going to see the movie. Some like it. Some hated it. I have to see it. Tonight. I will go alone if I can't get a sitter. Matt won't be enthusiastic about seeing it anyway. He's worked about 80-hours this week. If he does go, he'll get a much deserved nap out of it while I feed my obsession one last time!


Angie said...

Laughing at you over here, but I do understand.

By the way, Anne of Green Gables is possibly my favorite book.

Katie said...

I loved the Anne of Green Gables books as well!

I haven't read Twilight Series yet, but EVERY person who has feels the same as you. At least I have yet to hear of anyone who wasn't completely addicted! I can't wait to read it...