Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can I Get Some of That Via IV?

I'm sitting here drinking hot Green Tea Triple Echinacea. I don't know if echinacea really does boost the immune system (I hope that the power of wishful thinking makes it work). If it does, I need to be hooked up to an IV with a constant flow. I am a mother. I cannot be sick. There is no one to replace me next week when daddy is away. I have to be alive and well for my children.

Last week, Lila came down with her first stomach bug. Let me tell you, picking pineapple chunks out of a child's hair when it didn't get there because she was just goofing off, is never ever fun.

I'm all about baby-wearing. The Ergo Baby Carrier has saved me from going insane more than once. However, I'm not all about wearing a sick child on my back when I don't know what could, at any minute, come out of rear or mouth of child.

On Friday night, just a few hours after I brought Lila to the doctors, she stopped crying and was done with it. I was so hoping that it skipped the rest of us. It appears that that particular nastiness may have. However, my dear Olivia woke up with a headache this morning. Four-year-olds do not get headaches. Thinking it was a ruse to avoid school, I gave her Tylenol and sent her on her way. Stupid, mean mommy. When I picked her up a couple of hours later, she was crying and complaining that her legs and head hurt and that she was cold.

Fever, body aches = flu???

Lila just picked her nose and ate it.

I'll be sitting in the corner, drinking echinacea tea. I will think happy, positive thoughts:

"The rest of us will not get sick, we will not get sick, we will not get sick...."


Deb said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Think Spring :)

Angie said...

What? You didn't want to clean pineapple chunks out of your own hair?

The Matthaidess' said...

I hope that everyone was able to avoid the sickness. Last week, I was sick as well. Luckily, Ed and Tate were able to dodge it (even though I asked Ed to come home for the afternoon to watch Tate -- I really, really needed him).

Hope all is well.