Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gibraltar - Take Two

As you all may remember, our last trip to Gibraltar was a wash (literally). We were determined to get back and conquer "the rock."

Friday, we headed back to Rota, Spain and, on Saturday morning, drove an hour and half back to Gib. We stayed just long enough to take a taxi tour of the rock, explore tunnels and chat a bit with the monkeys before grabbing some British grub and heading back to Spain. We hit clouds and light rain again - albiet more bareable than last time.

Here are a few pictures:

Liv didn't want to get to up close and personal with this little fellow.

Staring off into the far-away land of Spain


The Dunns said...

Wow, cool! But those monkeys would freak me out! Looks like Liv is the only sane one there. :)

Grams said...

Livy there really are Monkeys!! Hope you had fun at the Rock girls.