Monday, February 16, 2009

Mafra Wilderness Park

Wild Boar

Sunday, we took the girls to Mafra. There is a wildlife park located there that I've been wanting to check out. We decided to do a short (4K) walk around part of the park. We didn't think we'd see any animals. We were pleasantly surprised.

This month, many restaurants in the town of Mafra are serving up specialty dishes made with the meat from the animals that roam the park. After our walk, we stopped off at a local restaurant participating in the local event and enjoyed venison and boar dishes. I don't know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to taste wild boar. It is delicious!

Lila checks out the "reindeer" (as she likes to call them) while resting on my back.

Daddy and Liv

Liv and Mommy

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The Matthaidess' said...

The park looks like a lot of fun! We hope to take Tate to the National Zoo -- I think that he'll enjoy watching the animals as well.

Wild board is yummy -- Ed and I had it at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Boston.

The pics of the girls on their bikes are so cute! It's nice that they have a park like that.