Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Makes Me Happy

What is this I see????

A blue, blue sky!

The sea looks as if the sun has spilled millions of diamonds down from above. I swear the birds are singing songs of joy.

It has been raining here, nearly nonstop, for two months. I haven't complained too much about it because I love Portugal. This country has warmed my heart and my soul. The time we have spent here has been the happiest time of my life.

But, I need the sun and blue skies nearly as much as I need food and oxygen. Many of my friends embraced Alaska. Some fell in love with the The Last Frontier the way I have fell in love with Portugal. They hiked mountains, took up hunting, fishing, berry picking and all things Alaskan. Many are considering retiring there. They basked in the sun when it graced us with it's presence and dealt with it's leaving with a shrug, running into the "night" with arms wide open. Not me (thankfully, my friends' positive energy helped me get through those dark months).

Alaska, like my home state of Vermont, is beautiful (okay, it is even more beautiful than Vermont-except for the Fall. There is no Fall like Fall in Vermont). That being said, I shamelessly admit that I did not embrace Alaska as many of my friends did. There, as it often did growing up in Vermont (my home town records an average of 80-days of sun yearly), it was as if I had something heavy and dark filling my heart and my mind. I felt trapped in darkness. Always waiting, always hoping. Wanting, needing...the sun!

So, these past two months in Portugal have been a bit...rough. Mommy/wifey has been a bit...let's just say...grumpy!

Today, as Lila and I road the train down into Cascais to the market, the rays of sun danced off our faces and washed away the darkness that had set deeply and firmly into my entire body. The forecast is looking good.

Mommy is back! Mommy is singing, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..."


Jay and Amie said...

I never thought I could get sick of the sun until I moved to AZ. It is sunny here more than 300 days a year and I will quickly admit that I crave a nice cloudy, rainy day. I look forward to monsoon season when the sky turns purple and red and the wind whistles through the palm trees. I crave the pitter patter of rain drops on the roof and the fresh smell of rain-infused air.

I think it's all relative really! In VT I craved a sunny day (on the weekend preferably) like I craved chocolate!!

Natalie said...

If I lived in AZ, I'm sure I would crave a good rain storm b/c I crave it here at times. However, AK was a different kind of dark. I HATED HATED it (the cold had something to do w/it too). So, it is relative to some degree...but, AK, for me, is in the "NO CAN DO" category.

The Matthaidess' said...

I understand. I'm not too much into sunless days. I wasn't a huge fan of Alaska weather either (even though I must say that the summers were nice -- unfortunately, summer doesn't last long in Alaska). It's grea to hear that the weather is clearing up -- enjoy it!


Katie said...

Portugal sounds just heavenly.....