Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February Leftovers

Well, March is suddenly upon us and I thought I'd post some left-over pictures from February and update you all as to what's been going on.

It's Spring here on the coast of Portugal. On a recent sunny day, I took a walk on the coast and noticed that make-out season is, once again, in full-swing. On any warm and bright day, you can find couples of all age groups, in any type of public setting, petting and making out. Nearly all of it would be considered extremely inappropriate behavior in most US cities in towns. When I first arrived, I was shocked and, somewhat appalled (I believe I even posted about it). Now, I have to be over-it. It's just their "way." I do, every now and then, find it hard not to stare to see just how far a couple will "go" in public.

Olivia building a castle out of limestone - Jerez, Spain

Hurry up, Mom! The sun is in my eyes!

Matt made me take this picture - Cadiz, Spain

Matt filling up on beer during Carnival in Cadiz, Spain

Late in February, two exciting things happened. First, Matt got promoted. When I first began dating Matt, I thought majors were so old. Of course, I do not think that now (32 is not old!). But, in the military world, Matt's career is now half-over. We were reflecting, the other day, as to how quickly Matt's military career is going by. Often, I would think that it would be forever and day before I'd see civilian life again. However, as we mark over two-years past that deployment-that-seemed-to-never-end, I'm more and more aware of how quickly we will see the other side. I am grateful that Matt's career choice provides us with certain job stability during these troubling economic times. Maybe I won't say that in a couple of years when Matt is deployable again - but, I can say it now...

The second-most-exciting thing that happened, in February, is that Lila was moved to a "big girl" bed. Saturday morning, I was in the kitchen making breakfast when I heard clunking upstairs. I soon discovered that Matt had decided it was high time Lila, now 28-months, moved out of her crib. I was not ready for this. Olivia was just about three when we made the switch. As Matt turned her crib into a toddler bed, I stood by, wringing my hands, and grumbling that it was a mistake. Three hours later, during nap, Lila would prove me wrong. She has transitioned to her own bed without one single problem. I do not know how I succeeded in having two children, in a row, transition to a bed without any issues. I am aware that this is not common. However, she still likes to pour yogurt in her hair and then smear it over her body. So, I guess she makes up for her good bedtime behavior elsewhere.

In just a few weeks, we begin hosting a series of visitors. In the mean time, we're just relaxing as a family, enjoying the lovely weather and spending time with our local friends.


Jay and Amie said...

The yogurt thing just made me crack up. Sounds like February was a great month! Let's hope for March to be just as fantastic!

The Dunns said...

HOSTILE COLON - lol (I know it's "hostel" like hotel,but that's how my brain read it - I'm weird, I guess).

Congrats on the big girl bed!

So, do you and Matt ever indulge in the local custom? ;)

Natalie said...

Holly, Matt "made" me take a pic of that hostel b/c it made him (and me) laugh, as it did you.

UMMM, I plead the fifth as to your question.