Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Lisbon Pictures


Gypsy (Beggar)

Random Statue (no idea who-but I like it)


The Matthaidess' said...

I just looked at your previous blogs. I love the "Ice cream crisis". Olivia really knows how to work everyone over -- haha! I think that Tate is starting to learn how to do it. Pretty soon everyone will be putty in his hands -- kind of like your girls.


Katie said...

It looks so different there. So exotic! The statue looks like an old man with this young (way too young) mistress! :)

Kiera and Joe said...

Natalie!! You are awesome! Thanks so much for all the great advice and information you give me! As a first time mom I need as much help as I can get and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your comments :) You are a great mom! Thanks so much again!!

My Year Without said...

The picture of the gypsy is intriguing, and I love the others, as well, especially the angle of the castle against that blue sky. What beauty!

Angie said...

Beautiful, we will have to make it to Lisbon someday.