Monday, May 11, 2009

Dingle Pony Rides

The girls love horses. DH promised them that he would take them each on pony rides in Ireland as one of their special things to do. He made good of that promise and the girls are still talking about it. Speckles gave them each a 10-minute ride alongside grazing sheep. Muffin, a three-month-old orphaned goat, followed them around, looking for a tasty treat, if there was one. Just before leaving, we got to see a two-day-old calf.

Lila, especially, loves horses. She got right up on Speckles, knew where to put her feet and hands and was comfortable the entire time. Though, when you ask her about it, she wants to go back to the farm to see Muffin, the goat.

Highlights in pictures:

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The Dunns said...

Very cute. Looks like a fun trip. How did you ever decide to vacation in Dingle? Seriously, that's the best name EVER!