Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Sugar Free Challenge

Does anyone want to join me for the sugar-free challenge taking place over at The Nourishing Gourmet?

Read more about the challenge here and place a comment here if you're in!

I'll be doing the beginner-moderate challenge. Specifically, we'll only make 100% whole wheat bread (probably without any sweetener) and use quinoa as our other grains. I will be using a bit of honey here and there throughout the week - but, in extreme moderation.

I'm hoping that Nourishing Gourmet posts some recipes in advance to help those of us participating in her challenge prepare meals and shop over the weekend. I know I'll definitely need some help coming up with ideas. The sugar-free part isn't what will be hard for me. It's the grain part. Life without grains??? Yikes!

Nourishing Gourmet states that removing sugar from our diets helps boost our immune system. So, that, in itself, may motivate some of us to take the challenge, especially due to this crazy flu season!


The Dunns said...

Eek - Good luck! My family would revolt and throw me out!

VermontMommy said...

I just signed up! I am at the Moderate level. I would have gone Advanced but we eat too much fruit to do that one. - Karie

~Nerderella said...

Oooooh, this sounds like fun :D