Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break in Rifle, CO

Matt and Liv at Rifle Falls

Lila and Natalie at Rifle Falls

We're spending Spring Break visiting family in Colorado. We thought we'd start saying goodbye to family before we move to Germany in a few short months. I have a few cousins in Colorado and Matt's brother lives close by to them. After a fairly uneventful 12-hour drive, we arrived and started making plans for some fun in the Colorado sun.

Liv Learning How to Make "Pizza"

We decided to get the girls up on skis for the first time. After many potty breaks, a slammed finger in the door and a couple of meltdowns, it happened. I hadn't been on skis in years and didn't have much confidence to teach my own children (Matt doesn't downhill ski). So, my cousin, Lydia, a former ski instructor, set out to teach the girls.

Lila had a great time learning how to make "french fries" and "pizzas" and then set about eating snow.
Liv Mastering her "Pizza."

Liv begged to go up on the ski lift. Lydia and I brought her on a green slope and she did remarkably well. It always amazes me how quickly small children pick up on skiing or snowboarding. I was so proud of my feisty, independent five-year-old!

Lila Posing with her Skis

Yesterday, we spent the morning at Rifle Falls. We went on a small hike around the falls and then played a little Frisbee and later had a great fish dinner back at cousin Lydia's.

Today, we're heading towards Aspen to have dinner with Matt's brother, Mick. We'll walk around the town and enjoy some fresh air before meeting him. I just love Colorado. It's sunny so much of the time and each time I visit, I'm reminded how much the sun brings out the happiest side of me! The lack of sun (or so I'm told) in Germany is the only thing I'm dreading about being stationed there. Hopefully, all the other perks of living abroad will outweigh the lack of sunshine (compared to Colorado, Portugal, etc).

We'll head back home on Thursday and if I get any more cute pictures before then, I'll try to upload them to share.


Angie said...

It looks like fun, though I'm not a downhill skier, either.

I didn't think Germany was too lacking in sun. However, since I moved directly from Alaska that may have influenced my thoughts. It's all about your perspective. Before we moved to Hohenfels, I read how it was in the "middle of nowhere." I then compared how many major European cities I could reach from there in the time it took me to get to Anchorage or Homer from Fairbanks.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I hope you have a safe and relaxing trip home. It was nice to see you all and that dinner was awesome. -Mick