Sunday, January 23, 2011



Verona, home of Leonardo Da Vinci, was our third stop in Italy. It was a bit chilly. We toured a few popular sites, sampled some wine in an old wine shop, and dined on pizza.

Fast fact: William Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliette," was based in Verona.

Family in the Amphitheater built by the Romans

Obligatory pose with Juliette
Juliette's Balcony
Letters to Juliette

Porta Borsari-1st Century B.C. ruin once part of the roman city gate.

Ginormous tubs of Nutella at a crepe stand.

These highchairs are in many German and Italian restaurants. I would have appreciated them when our children were younger in Alaska and Portugal!


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Mama Wright said...

looks so pretty! Cant wait to visit Italy!