Saturday, July 23, 2011

Legoland, Germany

We've been trying to fit so much in before the baby comes.  Because, let's face it, traveling to Disney and Legoland would not be too much fun with an infant. So, we wanted the girls to get a chance to see these places now instead of having to wait a few years from now when their brother is old enough to enjoy these places.  Even then, they'll be so much older, it could be a bit of a drag waiting for their brother to finish up on the "kiddie" rides they are enjoying now, but won't enjoy so much a few years from now.

One of the first things we did was take them to make a lego kit. There were different levels they could choose from. Liv choose an advanced-beginner level and Lila a beginner. You can see their finished projects in the pictures above and below.

With so many kids walking around with their faces painted, the girls begged us and we caved.  At six euro's a pop, it was hard to give in - but, since it was so much cheaper than in Disneyland, we justified it.  They looked adorable (I'm bias, of course).

I have to admit (sorry all you Disneyland Paris fans) that I enjoyed Legoland much more than Disneyland.  The lines were kept much more orderly (It is Germany, after all), the bathrooms were always clean, the food options were so much healthier, and the park was kept up much better.  I felt that Disneyland Paris was in need of repair and care, in general.  I shouldn't walk into any Disney park bathroom and be completely grossed out each and every time (A pregnant woman uses the bathroom a lot - every single time, I found the bathrooms disgusting!).  Disney World in Florida has a completely different feel. Cleaner and happier (No violent shoving and cutting in lines).

The lines in Legoland, the day we went, were almost non-existent.  The rides were very age appropriate.  I believe Liv could go on every ride and Lila all but two (I had to miss out on a few due to the pregnancy).

The Girls on their Very Own Safari Ride

We loved all the lego creatures "hanging" around the park

Canoeing Together

There were a lot of rides involving water - a bit too cool for the first day - much more fun the second day

The mini water park may have have been their favorite "ride."

Racing around the track

We had a great time at Legoland - we even camped over night in a tent at their campground.  So much fun.  We highly recommend Legoland and their campground!! 

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