Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can't Keep Up Cont'd

Well, it's been hotter than heck here.  High 80's, into the 90's.  Humidity.  Matt's been away for most of it.  I'm 8.5 months pregnant and having a hard time keeping up with house work to begin with, let alone in the high heat and humidity.  We have no AC.  I don't even think the local grocery store has it.  So, I've been tired, grumpy and in need of lots of rest - which for me includes reading, napping, catching up on American TV and more napping.  The girls are back in school and I do what I can, as far as cleaning, when they are gone. But, after 10-minutes, I'm dripping sweat, breathing heavy and in need of a nap.

It cooled off a bit tonight.  The windows are finally opened, a nice breeze blowing in.  Liv read to us, I read to them.  I threw in a load of laundry, folded and put away another.  Did a load of dishes and general pick up.  I decided to take a quick glance into the playroom - which I didn't think the girls had spent a lot of time in - and I lost it.  Matt and I have spent hours organizing that room - but every time we get it up to par, they are so excited to have it organized again, they happily trash it in 15-minutes.  I've been threatening to lock up the playroom if they couldn't leave it the way it was when they walked in (Read, PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES).

Tonight, I noticed half the wall of their dollhouse has been taken off and is being used as a doll bed.  They have about three other empty doll beds. Paper bits are thrown all over the place, doll clothes scattered.  The toy box half full - dolls littered around the toy box instead of in it.  An easel was moved out of the playroom and into the laundry room.

I fought back the tears, shut off the light, and locked it.  It's over.  This weekend, we'll attack that playroom one more time before the baby is born.  They will pack up one large bag each of toys they want to donate (Or don't-I will gladly "help" them decide), the room will be rendered spotless, mopped and all.  Then, it will be locked again for an indefinite amount of time.  I'm thinking it'll be reopened around the time the baby is six-weeks-old.  So, possibly, three months from now.  I've had it.  I don't mind helping them pick up a few toys. But, to completely trash their playroom, dumping bins, dress-up clothes in every corner, bookshelves emptied or books piled on top of each other, instead of next to each other, despicable!

I know for a fact, because I've seen it, these kids can clean. I've had to wait for them to pick up messes at school and they do a fine job.  I guess I've allowed myself to be walked all over long enough here at home.  I'll have a two-year-old in the house soon enough. He'll need help.  My nearly five and six-year-old don't need as much guidance as they like to claim they do!

Their art supplies are in there, their dolls, their dress-up clothes.  The only things that aren't in there right now are a few dolls, books and movies from the library and some doll blankets. What will they play with?  I don't know.  I don't care.  In fact, I don't even know if it will teach them a lesson.  All I know is that this pregnant woman won't be yelling at them to pick up their playroom or doing it herself.  And, since there are very few things for them to play with outside the playroom, they are going to have to get creative playing outside with their friends and riding their bikes.  Poor kids - I'm sure I'll be called a mean mother within seconds of their rising tomorrow morning. And, guess what? I.Don't.Care.


Kristin & Jeff said...

We have a toy room - it gets locked daily (mostly at night b/c they will sneak out of room and play in toy room which is right next door to them) - and sometimes stays locked. I am dealing with clean up issues. They complain that they don't have any toys to play with - oh well - learn to clean up boys! Hang in there!! :)

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