Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Number Five

Today's post is brought to you by the number five. Five as in how many hours my son cried while I was out yesterday helping a new mom with breastfeeding and dining with a friend at lunch time.

Colden's sisters never developed separation anxiety. Well, none that I remember. I know for certain it skipped Olivia. If you know Olivia at all, you know why it skipped her.  I may, vaguely, remember a time or two when Lila had an issue - but, it obviously never amounted to much because I can't even pull a clear memory of it up in my mind.

Colden, on the other hand, loves to pull at my heart strings. He's a mama's boy through and through (and that's okay). I asked hourly care to call me if he wouldn't stop crying (they didn't). Since he wasn't crying when I left and busy playing with a toy, I thought all was well.  It wasn't. As soon as I walked out, he dropped the toy and began to cry. The boy would not eat or drink a thing for over five hours. At one point he cried himself to sleep for a half hour.

When I picked him up, his eyes were red-rimmed and he became hysterical when he saw me, hugging me tight as soon as I got him in my arms.  Within two or three minutes he was laughing and acting like nothing happened.  His daycare providers were frazzled, to say the least.

I try to attachment parent as much as possible. So, this leaves me wondering if I need to shorten his stays to one hour for the time being. I think it's probably best for him emotionally. Crying for five hours can not be healthy for a little man's heart and mind.

Mama's Boy
 Motherhood has certainly taught me that each child is so very very different!


The Dunns said...

Boys have a special connection to their moms! It's great that you get to experience both girls and boys! It won't last long. Soon, he'll be running away from you to get to the toys and you'll feel a little pang in your heart from that, too. :) When I had issues with my boys, I just reduced the time I was away from them (unless they were with Steve or grandma). It can feel at times like you don't get much of a break, but it really won't last long and you'll remember your special times with just Colden.

Amie said...

Aw melts your heart doesn't it? Yesterday Edward didn't cry for the first time when I dropped him off at the gym childcare center. In fact, when I asked for a kiss, he just looked at me for a moment & then walked away. Maybe Colden just needs to ease into the hourly care a bit before he's comfortable being there for that long. Until then, enjoy those cuddles!!