Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Market Season

Glühwein season is upon us! All the German school events, markets and most restaurants serve up mulled wine. A warm, slightly sweet alcoholic drink that keeps you warm when walking through a market or your child's school fest. I collect the Glühwein mugs at each market (they are different at each market each year).

I like to go to the markets to watch my kids enjoy crafts and to search for local, handmade items. At the Nuremberg market, I bought Colden a pair of locally handmade pants that are perfect for his cloth diapered bottom. Supporting local is something near and dear to me.

So far, we've hit up the girls' fest (the local kindergartens put it on), Amberg and Nuremberg markets. Aside from Colden's pants, we haven't spotted any great finds - yet. Maybe that will change when we hit up the Munich market later this month...

My Collection of Market Mugs

Harem Pants - Handmade in Nuremberg - Perfect for the Cloth Diapered Baby

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