Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The McQuilton Family on the Slopes

We've taken up skiing as a family. Matt and I skied growing up. At one point many years ago, Matt switched to snowboarding. He gave it up this year, however, because he didn't think he was getting any better and felt skiing was easier. So he bought himself, the girls and I new (used for the girls) skis! What a delight! My 20-year-old skis didn't grip frozen granular very well and I was wiping out too often. These skis grip those frozen granular conditions very well and practically turn themselves. I'm in love with skiing once again!

The girls took a couple of lessons last year and a lesson a couple years ago before we moved abroad. This year, however, they finally started looking like real skiers and I feel that we can actually call ourselves a real ski family. Lila wasn't having much fun and complained about her lessons incessantly. Now that she has learned more control and gained self-confidence, she's excited about her new sport. This weekend was her "break-thru" weekend as she finally hit the "big" slopes with Matt and I. In fact, she and Olivia even took a t-bar up on their own a few times and I skied down behind them (we skied at one resort this weekend that is quite old and hasn't upgraded all their t-bars yet - still a fun mountain, however).

As much as they don't always like their ski lessons, they will thank us later. Until they can parallel ski well and stop on a dime, they will remain in lessons each morning of the day (skiing with us on easier slopes in the afternoons). Too many little kids (and adults) get injured by skiing down hills beyond their ability. They need to learn to ski well and ski safely! Matt wants Liv to start taking snowboarding lessons and I am against this until she "masters" skiing. She hasn't perfected parallel skiing and sometimes doesn't stop as quickly as she needs to. I don't see the reasoning behind taking snowboarding lessons when she not only loves to ski, but hasn't mastered it well enough yet to move on.

Hopefully we will hit the slopes at least two more times this season. Matt will be in the field all of March - so if we don't hit up the slopes this weekend, we may only have one more chance in late March. I'm usually a warm-weather girl - but this year, I want the winter to last as long as possible so we can get out as a family on the slopes! When Matt is deployed next winter, I plan on taking a week long ski vacation in Garmisch at our favorite kinder-hotel. Colden can stay with a babysitter at the hotel and the girls and I can ski! I'm already looking forward to it!
    Lila on the Magic Carpet
    Liv in the glades where she says "it's quieter."

    Skiing in the German Alps
    Colden napping
    Liv and Mom on the Lift
    Liv Lesson-Ready


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