Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Time

We finally broke down and bought a double jogger/bike trailer. We bought the Chariot Cougar single when Liv was an infant and I don't remember what our reasoning was in getting a single when we knew we'd have more children. Anyway, we went for a bike ride this afternoon and we had so much fun. Lila's helmet is too big, despite the fact that we put in extra padding. Eventually, we just took it of because it kept falling in front of her face.
We found out we may be going to Lawton, OK (Ft. Sill) where Matt will be an instructor for two years. At first I was like, "Ft. Sill??? Are you crazy? No way."
However, several minutes later, I was on the phone apologizing for my reaction and comments. It's a two year assignment in which Matt will always be home. He won't be in the field or deployed for even short periods of time. We'll be able to enjoy uninterrupted family time for two years. Actually, three years. Because after that, we'll head to Kansas for a one year school Matt has to go to at that point in his career. Three years without a fear of long deployment. No lonely nights curled up around my pillow wondering if my husband is okay. No raising my children alone. He won't miss the birth of our next child! I'm relieved that he'll be safe at home with his family for a few years! Out of the past four years, Matt has spent 28-months deployed. He deserves a break!
On a side note, Matt is the Army maneuver, fire and effects (MFE) nominee to be the aide-de-camp ( to the NATO Joint Command Lisbon Commander. That would be Lisbon, Portugal!! I'm excited and honored that Matt is the combat arms nominee. My husband, on the other hand, thinks that he was the only senior captain looking for a job when the email got sent to each branch manager. At any rate, I'm not getting my hopes up...we'll find out in a couple weeks. At any rate, we'll be leaving Alaska in early fall!
We're heading to Kodiak Island next weekend. I'll post pictures and notes after the trip.


Maureen said...

oh my gosh...that is so wonderful that matt was nominated...he is too humble sometimes....But it would also be wonderful if he would be somewhere for 2-3 years without having to be deployed or anything...keep me filled in on whats going on...and those are the two cutest girls...

Angie said...

Wow, Lisbon sounds a tad more exciting than Lawton! I'm guessing that he wouldn't be deployed there, either??

We just ordered a bike trailer. The ones here were outrageous, especially with the exchange rate. We didn't end up going for the chariot, though. I figured that if we end up using it a lot, we can buy a better one (along with a better bike for me!)