Monday, May 14, 2007


Many friends have asked me to post pictures of Olivia when she was a baby next a current picture of Lila. So, here they are. The one of Lila was taken yesterday. The one of Liv was taken when she was just over four-months'-old. I was recently commenting to Matt that we have "one of each." One child that looks like Matt and one who looks a bit more like me. However, they do look like sisters.

I don't have much to report. This weekend flew by, as usual. Lila is rolling across the floor and starting to crawl backwards. She's also taste-tested pumpkin, peas, sweet potatoes, and yogurt recently. She loves them all - except for the peas. She'll eat them, but makes an icky face after each swallow.
Oh, we do have some exciting news to report! Matt took Olivia to swimming lessons on Saturday! Liv has been taking swimming lessons pretty consistently since she was six months' old. Matt, in the past, has refused to take her because swimming isn't his thing. Since I wanted to spend the morning with a friend, Matt, very reluctantly, agreed to go. Later, when asked if he enjoyed himself, he shrugged and replied, "I guess it was okay. Kind of a bother."
However, I had a "spy" tell me that she caught him laughing and grinning ear-to-ear the whole time! Olivia is such a little fish - you can't help but laugh and have a great time! Now that Lila is old enough, I hope to sign her up for swimming this week!
We may have a possible move update - but, until we know for sure, I'm not allowed to say...So, keep checking back for updates!


Henna Gal said...

Ah they are both gorgeous! Hee heee just looking at their pictures brings a giggle of joy to me.

Maureen said...

You know, seperately i think that lila looks like you and liv like matt...but together...they honestly look a lot alike....and they are soo cute..I miss you guys!