Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend Close to Home

We stayed close to home this weekend because Olivia has been feeling a little under the weather. Olivia never gets sick. She's had one stomach virus in the past three-years and it lasted about four hours. So, I'm a little surprised that this "poop" virus has hung on for three days. She's too cute when she yells, "I threw up in my panties!" Though she's been excellent about making it to the toilet in time, she has had a few minor accidents (no blow-outs, thank goodness). Fortunately, she's so cute about it, that it's impossible to get upset. Aside from occasionally proclaiming her stomach hurts, she's been her normal, happy self. I'm trying to keep her on the BRAT diet, however, I've had to sneak bananas into a few things as they haven't interested her lately. So far, the diet hasn't worked a bit. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know. This morning, I took the girls to the beach across the street while Matt did some organizing in the office. We made sandcastles and Lila met a lovely, young Romanian woman. She's lived in Portugal three months and speaks nearly fluent Portuguese! Talk about dedication! She also speaks fluent English. Some people just have a knack for picking up languages.
That's it for this weekend's post! Hopefully, no one else will get sick and we'll enjoy the last couple days of having daddy home with us all day!


Angie said...

Cute pictures!

The Dunns said...

That pic of Lila looking at the camera with the ocean in the background is beautiful!

Your girls have such pretty hair.

Katie said...

I threw up in my panties??? That is just too hilarious!