Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Projects, Relaxing and Ramblings

Inspired by another blogger's post, I rolled paper across the table and handed the girls crayons, markers, glue and scissors (glue and scissors for Olivia only, of course) one evening this weekend. It never fails. The girls are playing well together or independently as I start dinner. As soon as they notice I'm making dinner, they decide they need me for something (read: many somethings). So, sadly, I've been turning on the TV for Liv, and sometimes, throwing Lila into the Ergo. I've been looking for alternatives to keeping them busy during that time and this was a good idea. I was able to get dinner made quickly while they made a "project," as Olivia likes to say.

Below: Olivia is really into making, "Happy I Love You Day" cards. She got it from a DVD someone sent her about how to show someone you love them. In the end, it was giving a simple hug. But, the card idea also stuck with Olivia. So, here she is, making her card. I think more glue got on her than the paper, but, hey, it sure was fun!

Lila is really developing a personality. She's turning into a toddler more and more every day! Here, she's just hanging out in the rocker. She spends a lot of time during the day in it. Or getting in and out of it, rocking in it for a second, getting out again. You know the deal.

As far as this past weekend, we spent one morning at Ikea shopping for a dining room hutch, bookself and entryway bench (successful in all three in under two hours!). Sunday night, we enjoyed our new favorite cuisine: Indian food. Yummy. In Alaska, it was Thai. Not so much Thai here but a whole lotta Indian food! As we did in Alaska, we have a favorite restaurant here (it was Lemongrass in Alaska - if my Alaskan friends reading are wondering). We miss Thai food more than I imagined we would. However, as we try "new" Indian dishes, we are falling in love. The girls are really getting used to eating foods with a bit of heat. As I write this, they are eating HOT wasabi peas.

Other than that, not much going on. Just trying to have fun and avoid the flu that's going around..


Tricia said...

I wish everyone made Happy I Love You Day cards. The world would definitely be a much better place.

Brenda said...

I miss Thai food too! There isn't one Thai place here in SV, AZ.

Angie said...

You got out of Ikea in 2 hours with that many things! I don't think I ever get out that quickly.

We have Thai here, but it isn't as good. I can get my fix, though.

I love the pictures of Lila.

It's crazy how putting the same art supplies out in a different way can totally change how your interested your kids are in it.

Natalie said...

We only made it out in under two hours b/c we put Olivia in the daycare they provide and forgot about her on purpose. Well, we thought it would be fine if we let her stay past the hour she is allowed. Finally, after a while, they called my name to pick her up. I got chewed out for picking her up late but pretended I had no clue as to what she was saying. Had we had her with us while we shopped, we'd have been there all day. She always wants to get down out of the backpack or play w/something, etc.