Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time with Friends

Here are a few pictures of the girls playing with friends over the past few days.
We went to the park one morning with Olivia's friend, Madeline and then, today, we went to the Oceanario de Lisboa. We went a few months ago. However, we kind of rushed through it. Today, we were able to take our time. The mother I went with is quite a hoot and had the girls laughing and pretending to walk like penguins. We had a blast. The girls took good naps on the way home. I hit a traffic jam and, for once, was actually happy that I was stuck in slow moving traffic because it allowed he girls more time sleep before I stopped the car at home and they, in all liklihood, woke up.

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The Dunns said...

Looks like a fun playground! The Ocenario sounds great! I wish Fairbanks had more fun family activities.