Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Little Too Much Chlorine?

The above picture is about as good as it's going to get. Apparently, it is illegal to take pictures of your child in a group setting such as yesterday's swimming lessons. I was "that mom" who was busy taking pictures unaware of such law. Finally, a pool attendant informed me of this law and had me put my camera away.

Olivia did fine in her lessons. She didn't take off her cap and, for the most part, followed instructions. The children in her class don't speak English. She didn't seem to mind because the teacher it fluent.

Upon arriving home, I made dinner. Olivia was whiny and anxious for daddy to get home. She didn't eat much of anything and started to complain that her belly hurt. I hate it when kids exclaim that their belly hurts and don't partake in food. Not a good sign. I instantly started to panic. Do I have banana's? Yes. Ginger ale? No. Crackers? Yes. Children's Tylenol? Yes. So on and so forth.

She cried as we put her to bed. I decided to go to bed early but fooled around on the internet too long and then became engrossed in a book. Just as soon as I fell asleep, she started to cry. Her crying prompted Lila to wake up and cry. Matt was on the computer and really not worried about anything except ordering the right supplies for his beer brewing endeavor. I began to panic and sent Olivia downstairs to sit on the couch with daddy. I got Lila back to bed as Matt was getting a dry heaving Olivia upstairs and back to bed.

Thinking the worst, I began to feel ill myself. I grabbed an empty, small garbage basket and put it next to her bed, while explaining what to do if she felt like she needed to be sick. I then stripped her floor of the rug and any toys and then threw towels down her bed.

The whole time, Matt's opinion was that she was pulling a "fast one" on us. Three-year-olds don't lie about their stomach hurting and fake dry heaves do they? I think not. She also passed some horrible gas and I thought for sure we'd be dealing with a mess coming out both ends.

We finally got her down, kissed her goodnight and closed her door. I laid down in bed thinking that the night had just begun. I couldn't sleep. I HATE puke. Olivia is due for a stomach bug, as she hasn't had a full-blown one since she was about 13-months-old. I, on the other hand, caught every stomach bug that went around in Fort Wainwright. I had it so often, I'm diasappointed I never lost an ounce of weight.

So what happened? Nothing. She woke up this morning asking for a snack. She's complained that her stomach hurts a few times this morning. However, she ate breakfast and lunch and appears normal, albeit a bit whiny, otherwise.

Perhaps she swallowed a bit too much chlorinated water. I forget how ill you can feel after that happens.

In any case, we're far. Some of these bugs present themself in the strangest ways and just when you think you're out of the woods, it strikes hard!


Amie said...

This photo reminds me of our swimming lessons at your pool every summer!

The Dunns said...

I hope everyone stays ok today!