Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dirty Little Secret


My kids sometimes wear an outfit two or three times before I wash it. Hey, if it doesn't smell and it's 98% clean, it goes back in the drawer or closet (Lila's clothes get laundered much more often than Olivia because she still gets food all over her - no matter how great/big the bib is). Why? Well, I hate doing laundry. Everyone knows this about me.

Secondly, I feel it's a waste of water and energy to wash clothes that aren't dirty. However, in all honesty, it has more to do with my hate of laundry. Most people I know, throw all worn clothes into the laundry basket once removed from child's body.

Often, the clothes get left in the dryer over-night and come out, obviously, wrinkled. I fold them (lazily) and place them in drawers in very little order (as in, socks and underwear in top drawer, next matching outfits, and everything else wherever it lands). If the girls decide to empty drawers, I just stuff them back in. Because, really, as long as they are "put away," I just don't care to refold. Later, I'll use Downy Wrinkle Release, sparingly, if we are going somewhere and they need to look like I do care, a least a little.

Dare to share your laundry secret?

Note: I will continue to post Dirty Little Secret's from time to time.


brenda said...

i hate laundry too!!!! i took your suggestion and i ordered baby legs...LOVE THEM! and, i got the safe sippy cups...awesome.

Angie said...

I hope that you are feeling better.
I hate laundry, too. I pretty much wash everything of my kids that has been worn. I would say that they are almost always visibly dirty, though. Ashlyn's a pretty messy kid. Sometimes I don't wash pajamas. My mom used to call checking clothes "the sniff test."

My clothes are always wrinkled. First they sit in the dryer. Then, they are moved to a laundry basket, where they are likely to sit for even longer, possibly with another load or two put on top. After they are folded, it takes even longer to put them away. And, I don't iron. My iron has been used (by me) to iron Christopher's baptismal gown, and for fabric for quilts. My clothes can go into the dryer to fluff up.

The Dunns said...

I don't hate laundry. It's one of the few things I can keep under control in my house. But I'm definitely not a "laundry nazi". Basically, socks & undies get worn once then washed. Everything else gets washed once it looks dirty. Pants can last 3-4 days. Shirts can go a couple days. PJs 2-3 days (unless we spend all day in PJs, then they usually need to go in the laundry basket at the end of the day ... or whenever we take them off).

I'm not very compulsive about cleaning. Are you kidding? I have three boys 4 & under! I don't have time to be compulsive. Plus, keeping up with blogs is way more important than cleaning! ;)