Friday, February 22, 2008

The "New" Park

Have I told you how much I love living here? I, still, after several months, cannot believe that Matt was fortunate enough to get stationed here. He didn't even pull any strings! It was given to him - practically out the blue. Really, I am not joking. His Navy friends here think he must be lying because they practically brawl to get a job here (it's very competitive for Navy officers to get jobs here). This will probably be the most kick butt assignment we ever get. The only downside is that it is not in close proximity to many other countries. Aside from that, we aren't missing a thing. What an adventure. Why am I so excited? Well, while our families are enduring snowy, wet weather in the NE, we are soaking up warm sun and breezes! Even during the rainy season, such as now, we still have long stretches of warm sun. We can eat outside, leave the sliding door to the back porch open and roam in and out freely. We can sit on the balcony, enjoy a coffee and a good book while watching neighbors pass by and catching glimpses of the sea. A well-deserved reprieve after a few years in Alaska! So to all of our close friends and family who have mentioned a possible visit to Portugal, mull no longer. Just get here. Really, you ARE missing out. Portugal may not be that well known to many of you, but, it's a gem of country. I would almost dare to say that it's one of Europe's, "best kept secrets." Though, some of you world travelers may disagree. Who knows. Who cares. Just come. Our home is waiting for you! Since I'm feeling better, today, after Olivia's three-year-old check-up (All is good. Still on the small side, of course.), we ventured to the "new" park I promised to bring her to. It sits next to a cafe. The ocean breeze sends the rich, dark European coffee from the cafe into the air as you walk up to the park. We had a yummy lunch there after playing. The pictures are of our park visit.


The Dunns said...

No fair! I've been in Alaska 5 years!!

That's it. My bags are packed. I'm on my way. Can you pick me up at the airport? :)

Angie said...

It sounds wonderful, Natalie. I would love to have the nice warm weather all year, though it has been much warmer here than I anticipated.