Monday, March 31, 2008

Children's Science Center

Around nearly every street corner from Cascais to Lisbon, is something waiting to be discovered. It may be a pottery shop, fruit stand, "thief's" market or coffee shop. Or, it could be a place waiting to capture the easily fascinated minds of children...

Since our plans to the zoo were ruined because of morning rain, we searched out a science center for children we had heard about. We didn't find it right away. But, that's the great part about driving around this area; you get to see so much. Including magnificent architecture, green, blue or white ceremic-tiled buildings and homes, and, simply, the Portuguese going about their daily lives. Such as a nosy elderly woman hanging out her clothesline strewn window to overhear a lover's quarrel in the alley below. I can't get enough of this place!!!! However, I digress. More about the science center:

Did you know that in some cultures, it is custom for mothers to suck the mucus out of their child's nose?

Did you know that a tightened anus makes a higher-pitched toot than a relaxed one?

Those are two of the many things we learned at the science center. Matt and I enjoyed riding a bike on a high-wire and Olivia enjoyed looking at and playing with the interactive exhibits.

Olivia especially enjoyed pretending she was Bob the Builder. She donned a safety helmet and vest and went to work! Mom, dad and Lila got to look on as she interacted with the children and staff and helped get the house built!

The center is located in the Expo98 area. That general location, in itself, has so much to do! We'd like to go to the science center again because we have one or two large rooms yet to see, and then, after, explore more of the Expo area. I took note, as we were leaving, that there's a water garden just waiting for us to explore!


Angie said...

That looks like fun. I'm glad that you are able to enjoy what your city has to offer.

The Smith's said...

That place looks awesome!!!

Katie said...

That picture with the unattached head just FREAKS me out!!! That looks like a lot of fun!