Saturday, March 29, 2008

Play Center and Cone Pizza!

It's been long week. Olivia has been sick since before we left for Spain. I've had an upset stomach for days now because I'm constantly cleaning up messy stools. I finally put her on probiotics. I noticed immediate improvement, however, she has not fully recovered. No one else has come down with it (thank goodness), however, both girls have been sleeping poorly for over a week. I'm so tired! I've had so much coffee today, I'm surprised I don't have heart palpitations!
Matt won't be home until late tonight. So, the girls and I got out of the house today (Olivia wanted to stay home and I had to get her into the car kicking and screaming) and explored without him. There is so much to see and do here and we've seen little in comparison to how long we've lived here. A friend mentioned a drop-off play center a while back that she really liked. I'm not a huge fan of those places. They are usually run by high-school students and dirty. So, when I walked in, I was shocked. The place is immaculate and Olivia rushed to the arts and crafts table. Crafts, and a slide shooting into a ball pit. What more could a three-year-old want? The woman running the place spoke decent English and is probably my age with a college degree. Olivia barely said goodbye as I walked out to explore the neighborhood with Lila on my back.

We shopped for eggs and fruit. Then, I had a coffee at the shop next door to the play center. Lila met a little girl her age and wandered around on the cafes outdoor patio quietly. I could have brought a book to read! Olivia will soon be a regular at the play center and Lila and I will be regulars at the cafe! What a find!
After I picked up Olivia (who had to be bribed to leave by an offer of pizza), we scooted around the corner to Kone Pizza. That's right folks, pizza in a cone! Has that caught on in the States yet? If not, someone open up a shop! Jeez, I could have let my kids eat these in the car - they were that mess-free (and tasted great)!
With nap-time approaching, I made a stupid move and decided to drive around some more. I found two really beautiful-looking parks that we just have to hit sometime soon! I forgot to mark them on my GPS, so Matt and I will have the pleasure of driving around the quaint streets to find them.

Lila took a 7 min, 5 second nap in the car and I had a heck of a time getting her back down once we got home. Once Olivia was down, she quickly messed her pants. Finally, by 3:00, I had them down. I'll have to limit their nap so they go to bed at a decent time.

Matt wants to take them to the zoo tomorrow. I want to go to Ladra Alternativa (Alternative 'Ladra" Market) in Lisbon. It ends tomorrow and there I can find jewellery, ceramics, etc., with the guarantee that I will buy original and unique items. Maybe we can go to the zoo in the morning and, after naps, hit the market and then go to dinner at a Nepalese restaurant in Lisbon that gets great reviews. The weekend is just too short to cram in everything I want to do!

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The Dunns said...

Pizza in a cone?!? Dude, that's brilliant. And, no, Fairbanks hasn't caught on yet. Figure we'll probably see it in 8-10 years. ;)

Sounds like some fun places to play and explore. Glad you have options for the girls to play while you get "me time". Kinda like civilian hourly care. Nice!

Would you believe we still have a couple feet of snow on the ground? I would give almost anything to have your weather, beaches, parks, coffee shops...!