Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seville, Spain

We are crazy. Olivia came down with a fever and stomach ache on Thursday night. Most, sane, parents would have canceled a weekend trip if their child came down with a fever of 103.8. Not us. We discussed canceling. However, Motrin and Tylenol masked her fever well enough that we decided to chance it. It turned out to be our best trip in a very long time. We absolutely loved Seville. It is such a beautiful, clean city. The weather was perfect for walking around: Sunny, breezy and cool. Most of all, our kids were very well behaved.

Despite Olivia pooping (read: diarrhea) her pants during dinner at a restaurant, and running out into the restaurant (with me chasing right behind) with her bare bottom for all to view (great story for the future, ruined my appetite at the time), we had a great time. Her fever broke by Saturday morning and despite being a bit tired and still having a crampy stomach, she was a trooper. Lila was too, as she is getting over a cold. We were able to walk around Seville with our kids on our backs (both slept on our backs during naps) with hardly a whine or complaint the whole weekend. They even slept fairly well at night.

We enjoyed a carriage ride around the city, great food with family, beautiful sites and wonderful smells! The flowers were in full-bloom and the whole city smelled wonderful! The National Palace was stunning. I especially liked the two painted and tiled bridges. I was able to pick up a locally made sangria pitcher and a couple of other pieces of local pottery.

We bought Olivia a Flamenco dress and matching shoes. She is so excited about this outfit. We allowed her to wear her shoes while riding around on Matt's back. We got a lot of smirks out of passersby.

I have to say that I enjoyed Seville even more than I did Madrid (on a trip many years ago)! We live four hours away from the Spain border and had such a wonderful time, that we hope to spend more time getting to know the country.


Amie said...

Wow - Seville looks beautiful! We look forward to finding the time (after the big wedding) to get out there to visit. Even if it's me on my own, I hope to make it happen!

The Dunns said...

Beautiful! I love Olivia's shoes. Like to get myself a pair! The girls are so cute and getting so big.

House Dad said...

Crazy cool. Seville is on my list of places in Europe that I want to visit. Spain is such an intriguing place to me and I am so jealous that y'all are just hours away (not that Portugal is too shabby either.)

Angie said...

We have a plan (though just vaguely in my mind) to visit Spain. Maybe next Christmas break, when it will still be nice and warm there!